Public Safety

Creating a safe, inclusive environment for our members who live on-reserve

Siksika Nation Chief and Council have developed a strong working relationship with the Gleichen RCMP in implementing public safety and crime prevention as a top priority for Siksika Nation.

Crime Prevention Hotline

The public safety team established the Siksika Nation Crime Prevention Hotline in March 2019 to enhance the reporting system that the RCMP had in place here on Siksika Nation. The goal of this program is to encourage and empower Siksika members to report more and look after their communities.

This hotline is intended for Siksika Nation members to call and leave a message to report any drug and/or criminal activity.

Nation members do not have to reveal their name, but must leave a contact number or contact information for follow up purposes. Please be as detailed as possible with map and house numbers of suspects in question in the voice message.


Voice messages are strictly confidential and will be reviewed daily with the Gleichen RCMP. 

Security cameras

In April 2019, security cameras were installed in various locations on the reserve to promote public safety for the communities. They were installed in locations viewable to the public and will help the RCMP monitor any public activity that occurs in these areas to enhance safety in our community. These cameras are at the entrances of the communities.