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Siksika Banishes Non-Member for Weapons Related Offences

L to R: Darren Huyzer, Monty Skotniski and Troy Lemke

October 11, 2019 (Siksika Nation, AB) — On October 9, 2019, Siksika Nation Chief and Council passed a band council resolution— without delay and effective immediately, banishing non-nation members Monty Skotniski, Darren Huyzer and Troy Lemke from access to the Nation based on public safety.

In August 2019, Gleichen RCMP investigated a shooting in Cluny, AB. Huyzer and Skotniski were charged by RCMP for possessing illegal gun making materials, as well as manufactured and operational guns. The intent of the illegal gun manufacturing was to sell to Siksika Nation members. Huyzer was residing on-reserve with his common-law partner.

In September 2019, Skotniski and Lemke were both charged for break-in at the Arrowwood Co-op business. Under a search warrant, RCMP revealed that both men were in possession of stolen items from the break-in, as well as possessing large amounts of meth and cannabis.

This banishment BCR will be enforced by the RCMP and all three men will be denied access to the Siksika Nation community, including the residence that Huyzer resided in prior to banishment.

Siksika residents can anonymously report illegal activity to the following authorities:

Siksika Crime Prevention Hotline – 403-901-7849

RCMP – Gleichen Detachment (403) 734-3056

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