Chief Joseph Weasel Child

Councillor Jason Doore

Siksika Tribal Management

Councillor Ike Solway

Siksika Resource Development Ltd.

Councillor Alfred Many Heads

Siksika Justice, Siksika Land Claims and In-House Legal

Councillor Marsha Wolf Collar

Education K-12

Councillor Hector Winnipeg

Siksika Land & Resource Management, Admin & Operations

Councillor Bradford Little Chief

Siksika Housing

Councillor Francis Wolf Leg

Siksika Health Services

Councillor Carlin Black Rabbit

Siksika Family Services

Councillor Carlon Big Snake

Siksika Membership and Provincial Affairs

Councillor Eldon Weasel Child

Siksika Treasury

Councillor Reuben Breaker

BCHP, OSCC and Drug Task Force

Councillor Herman Yellow Old Woman

Siksika Public Works

Melvina Many Heads

Executive Assistant to the Chief


Sharon Brass

Council Assistant


Mariah Little Chief

Council Assistant